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The Veley Method of Customer Satisfaction

Most individuals or churches commission stained glass windows only once. But, in doing so they will incur a sizeable expense and thus a persistent concern is what their future stained glass windows will actually look like before the windows have been constructed and installed. Veley Stained Glass attempts to assuage this concern by creating a process to ensure that the customer has a clear understanding of the creative process as well as the finished windows before work on the actual commissioned windows has started. Any concerns about the design or choice of glass can be addressed well in advance of the fabrication. The Veley Method functions as follows:

1. Discovery Phase

When a church or individual decides to consider Veley Stained Glass to design, fabricate, deliver and install windows for them, Mr. Veley will submit a non-binding estimate of the cost. If costs are incurred to travel to the customer's site, those costs will initially be borne by the customer. Later, however, if Veley Stained Glass is awarded the commission, our company will deduct these costs from the bid.

After an on-site evaluation of the architecture and the wishes of the church, the bid will be formalized, usually with little or no changes.

2. Preliminary Design Phase

Veley Stained Glass will then commence with the design phase of the project. The customer isn't required to accept the initial sketches, but rather, may wish to offer input for any revisions.

3. Design Approval and Finalization

Once a concept has been sketched and approved, Veley Stained Glass will then complete a formal design, including color samples of glass.

4. Sample Panel

Upon written approval of the finished design, a sample stained glass panel in 1:1 scale will be fabricated so that the customer can see a portion of the window. Even at this advanced stage of the project, changes can be made.

5. Window Construction and Installation

Once the customer finds the formal design and sample panel acceptable, only then will fabrication of the stained glass windows commence. By using the Veley Method the customer can participate actively in the design process, thus ensuring that they are informed during all phases of the project.